Which analytics solution should I use in my Roblox game?

www.blobunny.com is a competitor facing tool. It provides great insights into who your competitors are and how are they performing. While it is a grea analytics tool for tracking competitors, it doesn’t provide all the answers related to how your players are retaining inside the game.

Which in-game analytics solution is the best for Roblox?

Depending on your team size and needs, you need to clarify from the beginning which tools might best fit your needs. Changing the analytics tool while being LIVE might have a great cost for the game as you will most likely lose your historical data. Therefore, it is important to decide from the beginning which tool to use.

Google Analytics vs. Game analytics

As we would like to keep this analysis relatively simple, we will start with the main concepts.

Game Analytics -

https://gameanalytics.com/pricing/ SDK - https://gameanalytics.com/docs/s/topic/0TO6N000000XZEdWAO/roblox-sdk Game Analytics has a huge advantage over Google Analytics - it was built as a games first tool. Plug and play and you get all the metrics known in the gaming industry. If you are small or medium sized team and you want to move fast, this is the best solution for you. In comparison to Google Analytics, you don’t need to do much to get important metrics such as D1, D7, D30 and D90 retention, DAU, MAU, monetization tracking, etc. Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t offer a lot of customization and on top of that “you are the product”. Games Analytics supports their business by offering paid tiers to the corporate developers where they offer the possibility to “Benchmark” their game against other similar games. You need to be comfortable with that but as long as you are a small developer without a hit, that should not be a big problem.

Google Analytics -

https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/articles/Using-Google-Analytics Google Analytics seems to be the preferred solution by Roblox as it is the one mentioned on their website. While a great tool with endless possibilities, it is not as plug and play such as Game Analytics with regards to getting game specific metrics just from the start. You can integrate it with other Google products such as Big Query and with time it can prove to be a more powerful tool than Game Analytics. It requires a dedicated person to maintain it if you want custom metrics in but looks to be cheaper than Game Analytics if you want to create fancy big data reports.


Whatever tool you decide to use, pay attention to these PROs and CONs both in the short run but also think about the long run. If you are a team planning to develop more projects, you might want to stick to only one tool that you would use for all your projects.


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