Roblox is so much more than a game. It can become the future of education

Roblox, which recently made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, has quickly become one of the most valuable video game companies in the world. It is interesting to note how Roblox managed to reach a higher valuation than established video game names such as Take-Two (maker of Grand Theft Auto) and Electronic Arts (EA) (maker of and FIFA) in terms of market cap, while only making a fraction of the revenues of their companies and none of their profit.

The Dispersal of Creativity

The concept of creativity dispersion has been initially introduced by Prof G. The platform that best represents that at this point in time is YouTube. Becoming a YouTuber is the no.1 desired job among kids these days and it is a great example of how the dispersion works. In the past, in order to be able to appear live in front of a huge audience you needed to have a big TV channel behind you, producers, a stage, many cameras, etc. Right now, you only need to invest in some gear, use YouTube or Facebook and there you are. The possibilities are endless if you able to pursue them. The same thing started to happen in video games. While 20 years ago you needed an engine team, large teams to figure out the multiplayer aspect of the game or even to create the characters, all that is being sorted by the Roblox tech. You just need a relatively small sized team and a great vision. In 2020, there were about 345,000 creators on Roblox who ended up receiving $250 million in payouts. As presented in this article, Roblox forecasts to pay $400 million in payouts. That is still not enough compared to the amount of money the best free to play companies generate in revenue, but it is still enough to create huge incentives for the current creators.

Economic incentives and how educators can play a role

Children’s education is and will continue to to be a duty of the society. But given the fact that it is so easy to learn anything you want just by using the internet, it is interesting to observe how IT courses will evolve around Roblox. Educators and students can benefit from being able to teach and learn coding on a platform that has an economy around it. There are a lot of success stories of students who have learned how to code by themselves and are now digital entrepreneurs on Roblox.

Roblox for educators

If you are an educator that wants to explore Roblox even more, there are great ways for getting support and knowledge around that. Any teacher that is teaching programming, animation, game design should have a Roblox first strategy.

How to learn making games on Roblox?

Roblox offers anything you need for making a game: tools, resources, tutorials. Once you get to form a team, they also have an accelerator programme for all the teams that need to get a bit of funding to get off the ground.


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