New game ideas for Roblox

Are you a team embarking on your Roblox adventure? Here are some game ideas/advices you might want to explore based on your team size. Remember that the competition on making Roblox games is constantly increasing. The expectations of the audience continue to evolve too.

Big team, big ambitions, big vision

There is one area where you would like to look into, the games industry calls the “Tend and befriend” genre and is where Adopt me! Has done a great job in the previous period of time.

What is the differentiator?

Since that is a crowded place, where 6 out of the top 10 games are sort of playing in that genre, you need to find your main differentiator. Why would players in Adopt me would like to leave that game in order to join yours? If you are not a very experienced team, backed by investors and with influencers deals, you might want to avoid that as your first project.Start learning about creating a team culture, releasing updates on Roblox,etc.

Small team, first project

Look for proven loops on other platforms and try to get them in. It can be anything that is currently on the App Store or on Steam. The main advice there would be to keep it simple, focus on the fun and focus on getting feedback from the players as soon as possible to avoid risk. Remember that you need to think about getting players in too.

How can we keep doing this for a long time?

The aim for your first project is to generate enough revenue in order to keep the team running, learn about the details of Roblox, build an influencer network that will allow you to do better on your next game.

Medium team, high ambitions & not the first project

Now we’re playing! This is where a lot of decisions need to be made. Investing too much on the wrong concept might burn too fast through the initial funds. Going for a low risk projects might not generate enough in revenue. The recommendation here is still to look at proven game concepts and make them better using the Roblox tech.

How can we keep focus on doing what is best for the game?

We also recommend using Bloxbunny’s category filters to be able to spot opportunities in all the genres provided by Roblox. It simply doesn’t make sense to spend too much time on a game that can simply not generate enough in revenue.

Individual creator

As an individual creator, it would be great to aim for a 10k USD/ month game. Something that would allow you to quit your job or your studies while generating enough in revenue for you to be able to either start working on larger projects or simply try another 10k USD/month game. As the time and effort is relatively limited, focus on the fun and on the social aspect of the game first before starting to build environments. If the moment to moment gameplay is there, you will be able to find the meta later in the process. If you are still searching for your next Roblox game idea, look inspiration in older games and try to add a social layer to them.


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