How to publish Roblox games in China?

From the western world directly to China. The opportunities are huge for new developers as the amount of games is limited. Roblox announced how the platform will operate on this blog post

Guaranteed Payout Pool (GPP)

The first program is called the Guaranteed Payout Pool (GPP). This program provides financial support for early entrants into the China market by offering $2.4M in total payouts to eligible developers. If you are ready to invest in Roblox China’s long-term growth, this is the program for you. This is a huge opportunity for any upcoming developer. The marketplace is young, it is well known which are the top performing games in the west and the task is simple: be the first one to port one of the known game loops and be the first to win China.

China Fast Track

The second program is called China Fast Track. This is a highly selective program for developers that have demonstrated a previous record of success. It will provide services to expedite the readiness of experiences for the China market and ensure proper visibility and discoverability of experiences when they are released on Roblox China. This is a great opportunity for established teams to expand their team size and port & localize their successes to the Chinesse market.

China Fast Track Overview

This program will provide a dedicated service for developers who demonstrate a commitment to building a long term business in China and want to do so as fast as possible. Accepted developers who maintain their good standing with Roblox will be entitled to the following: Free localization services for simplified Chinese language Full China compliance screen to identify aspects of your experience that are non-compliant and guidance on how to address $15,000 stipend towards engineering costs associated with China preparation, to be paid when game has completed China compliance and localization requirements Guaranteed placement and featuring in the Roblox China app China Fast Track will kick-off with 50 open slots for global developers who will be chosen through the application process. Applicants who can complete localization and compliance work before April 15th are preferred.

Which games should I bring to the Chinesse market?

Kids are more or less the same all over the globe. Use to get a good overview over top performing games in the west and move fast to port their loops and mechanics.

How much will Roblox grow in China?

Given the amount of developers they are hiring, their partner (Tencent) and the fact that they managed to get the approval of the government, it is only expected that this market will increase a lot in the future. Acting fast and be the first movers is key to achieve a growth position in China. Remember, it took Roblox 10 years to create a strong developer community and that will be the case in China too. There are simply not enough good Roblox developers out there that are able to create the games and able to understand what kids play.


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