How to market a Roblox game?

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Getting featured by Roblox

It is important to focus a lot on this bit. Ensure that there is a continuous flow of communication between you and your account manager at Roblox. Involve them as early as possible in the feedback loop, ensure that their tech is properly supported and always ask about their new upcoming tech. As all platforms, it is important to support them as much as possible by adding their new tech in. Getting featured by Roblox is one of the easiest ways to get traction in the beginning of the project. If you don’t have an account manager, make sure to reach out to them as early as possible (especially if you believe that the project is something worthy of featuring). Make sure to always play the newest featured games to understand a bit more about what it requires to get a game featured - level of polish and how finished the game loop is expected to be.

Youtube Partnerships

Ensure that you get the right Youtubers as partners on the project or that you have enough budget allocated to get the right one in. Do not overinvest without having the main metrics sorted out and ensure that you are not adding water into a bucket with holes. Investing money in a not finished product is sub-optimal and therefore make sure that the game is as good as it can become before adding money into marketing it.


We expect that this field will evolve a lot in the upcoming years as the competition will become more fierce. There will be teams making enough money to focus on getting a large user base by investing a huge amount of money from tThe same as with Youtube - try small bursts, different creatives and understand the return on investment for every single dollar spent on ads. It requires infrastructure and discipline. heir revenue. The platform is not there yet but we will see a lot more of this in the future.

Marketability will make or break your game

Especially in the future of Roblox. As the competition will become higher, the fit of your game with the audience will be even more important. Try to understand as soon as possible who your audience is and how you will connect with them.


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