How to get an investor for my Roblox game?

This is a question we keep seeing on the Roblox dev forum. We will take you through some of our opinions about this topic.

Status of your game

Getting an investment for your game can mean a lot of things and it all depends on the status of your game. Do you have a LIVE game which is working and which is producing a decent amount of revenue? That means that you need investment to scale the game. Scaling can mean a lot of different things - getting ROBUX for marketing, getting ROBUX to pay even more developers to make the game even better, etc. The advice here would be to create a pitch deck with the most relevant information such as: key gaming metrics, revenue per user, cost of acqusition, future of the game,etc. If you have the deck ready, you will be able to send it to different investors and get investment based on that. Remember that the main thing for investors is that they want a return on their investment. Make sure you also have the proper legal setup that will allow you to get investment onboard.

The game is just a pitch deck

This is recommended primarily for teams that have proven success on the platform and have a great big idea that will allow gaming investors to see the potential of backing up a team. Make sure that it is clear for everyone “why” they should invest in this game, what is the upsight for their investment. Are they investing in a project? Are they investing in the studio? In general, getting funding is a tiring process and make sure you have a person inside the team able to sell the idea.

How to contact investors

The best investment partner for your game idea is Roblox itself. They are doing a lot of accelerators where they allow teams to explore new ideas. That is a great first step for you and your team to go to and a great networking opportunity for everyone. After the accelerator, make sure to get a prototype ready and get help from the Roblox Developer Relations team with landing your first investor. In the same time, research who are the biggest gaming investors at that point in time and get in touch with them. In the future, we expect a lot of the very successful teams on Roblox will be able to fund new ideas with seed capital so make sure to reach out to the most successful devs on the platform at that point in time.You can easily get an overview over who is currently very successful on Roblox by using - a tool that provides revenue estimations for most Roblox games.


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