How much money can you make on Roblox?

Only the sky is the limit. The top 3 Roblox games are making 3m + USD a month. Take a look at our platform, to understand more about the revenue each game is making.

How much money can I realistically make on Roblox?

That depends on many factors such as how experienced you are in game design, scripting, managing a team, marketing.

Define the game vision

You need to start with your Roblox game vision first. Try defining what is the game, who is going to play it and what it is the game loop. Having the right vision from the beginning will help you on the way and will give you a head start when implementing it.

Prototyping on Roblox game idea

Fast prototyping will allow you to get fast feedback from your players. Try to get the game in front of friends or potential players as soon as possible in order to define if the game idea is the right one. The longer you wait for getting the game in front of actual players, the longer you might potentially wait for killing the idea.

Focus on the game loop

We’ve seen a lot of game makers focusing on getting the environment up and running first while delaying work on the initial gameplay. That is not always the best strategy when it comes to developing games so make sure that you get to answer the most important questions as fast as possible.

Understand the business

After you have answered what the game is, it will be easy to understand what the potential is. By understanding how much your main Roblox competitors are generating in revenue, it will be a first great step to understand how much money your game can make.

The goal

f this is your first project on Roblox, it is important to set realistic goals. A realistic goal would be to get in the top 200 games on Roblox where they generate about 10k USD/ month in revenue. By reaching that revenue goal, you will be able to continue to iterate on the game and potentially hire additional staff to help you make it even better.


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