How much money do Roblox developers make?

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How much did Roblox developers make in the last 30 days

This article has been written in on the 20th of March using data from We will start with a dashboard screenshot from Bloxbunny and will develop more details below.

Top 10 Roblox games have earned more than 500k USD in the last 30 days

It seems that all top 10 Roblox games have enjoyed a massive amount of revenue in the last 30 days as all of them have made substantial revenues.

While there is not a surprise that Adopt me! Is making around 5M USD a month as it has been the number one game on Roblox for a very long time, it is nice to see that even smaller games like All Star Tower Defence can achieve very good earnings even though their audience is smaller.

We are also noticing that Brookhaven is becoming more popular and challenge Adopt me’s place as the number 1 game of the platform.

Top 200 Roblox games have earned more than 10k USD in the last 30 days

Even though the top Roblox games are generating huge revenues, it is important to note that even if you have a smaller game on Roblox, you can potentially make enough money if you are a small team

As you can see in the picture below, Roblox revenue is becoming more and more spread out around the platform and that is great news for the developer community. It is great to have the “Tend and befriend” sort of games which require large teams to develop them to capture a large % of the market but as they grow old, we expect that users will spread more around the other games. This can potentially be great news for the community as the 10k USD a month seems like a decent revenue to support 2-3 people working full time on the game.

With Roblox’s increased focus on Roblox Premium Subscription, it is expected that more and more developer will be able to reach the 10k USD a month in revenue which seems to be the sweet spot for supporting a small team. After a game reaches this milestone, those teams will be able to take higher risks and develop even more innovative games.

What is next for Roblox developers?

As the platform will continue to grow, we will see more and more developers able to do this full time which will improve the experience on the platform. We will also start seeing more and more teams as more and more Roblox Vets are reaching the age and experience levels to be able to create their own games.

Good luck to the developer community!


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